Imitation #7 : “Imagine” by Black Ice


Imagine if niggas put down their dice and guns and picked up their daughters and sons

And put a little love right there where the hate is.

Imagine if niggas had the chance to become accountants before being taught what the difference between wet and dry weight is.

Imagine if these little inner-city kids had the same type of schools that these rich kids have way out there in the sticks.

Imagine is niggas had the chance to learn chemistry forreal before we learn how to whip 7 ½ out of 6.

Imagine if these little black girls could go to that dance school for free

And learn to love the dream of that Broadway show.

Imagine if she wasn’t forced into the game where you assume a filthy name and put your soul and your ass up for show.

Imagine if she was taught to love herself, imitate no one, and demand and demonstrate respect when she walks through the door.

Imagine if she watched the tellie and saw herself at the prime time hour instead of the 4 o’clock video whore.



Black Ice is phenomenal poet from Def Jam Poetry that usually recited about issues concerning race and society. He has an awesome love for children and youth, allowing his work to be heard in classrooms as well as center stage. In this piece “Imagine”, Black Ice does an INCREDIBLE job critiquing the inner-city, the reasons why it is the way it is, and imaginable solutions for the many problems the youth in the inner-city face.

[ Because this is a spoken word piece, it was very hard to find the written words on the web. Therefore, I listened and wrote up his flow how I heard it, so forgive me if it’s a little off. ]

Overall, the poem is describing the reasons why the inner-city is they way it is, and towards the end provides a “proposed list of solutions”. That was the portion of the piece I chose because it stood out to me the most. Stylistically, Black Ice used many techniques to make this piece unique. He uses in-line rhymes in a few lines (line 1: guns-sons) (line 3: accountants-is) (Line 8: game-name; soul-show). He uses both perfect rhymes and slant rhymes within the lines. He also sporadically rhymes at the ending of the lines. For example, in the portion I selected, he rhymes door-whore. Another literally technique Black Ice uses is REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION . The word imagine is used at the beginning of each proposed solution. Throughout the entire piece, Black Ice also uses imagery as a technique to paint vivid pictures of the inner-city to the audience. So the repetition of the word “imagine” simply reinforces the imagery in the piece. Even though, I couldn’t pinpoint a rhyming scheme, I didn’t mind because this is a fabulous piece that will bring chills to everyone, especially inner-city kids, like myself.


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